Objectivity . . .

. . . is the goal of any analytical process that is designed to assess the commercial value, likelihood of success, or best development path for a therapeutic. Alchimia Partners offers consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, to investors in those companies, and to other organizations requiring insight or expertise related to the biopharmaceutical industry, with a studied appreciation for the challenges to objectivity that plague decision-making in both drug development and investing in drug development. "Alchimia" means alchemy – although we cannot change lead into gold, our analytical alchemy combines objectivity, knowledge and experience in a manner that distinguishes lead from gold, allowing rational and appropriate deployment of capital and resources into drug development projects.

Alchimia Partners brings to each project the uncommon if not unique perspective of Tony Fiorino, which has been shaped by medical and scientific education and training at top academic institutions, analytical and financial tools and an investor's perspective earned in over a decade spent on Wall Street, and tangible operational know-how gained running a clinical-stage biotechnology start-up company. With the experiences and skills built across his career, Tony is equally conversant in basic science, clinical medicine, drug development, financial modeling and healthcare investing, and applies this multi-disciplined and strategic vision to each engagement, combining detailed and diligent research with objective analysis and a skepticism fueled by years of observing countless companies pursue programs with dubious prospects.

We encourage you to explore the website and contact us to explore the possibility of engaging Alchimia to assist, support or review a drug development program. However, those seeking to have their own biases confirmed, their preconceived notions ratified, and their opinions rubber-stamped ought to look elsewhere for consultative services and advice.